Lahmajune (Lahmacun)


Lahmajune (Lahmacun)

By David Calito      

March 21, 2015

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Lahmajune (Lahmacun) is a round, thin piece of dough topped with minced meat and minced vegestables.
(Armenian pizza) (Turkish pizza)

  • Prep: 1 hr 40 mins
  • Cook: 20 mins
  • 1 hr 40 mins

    20 mins

    2 hrs

  • Yields: 25 - 35 Lahmajune


600g All-purpose flour

Base / Crust:

1 1/4 Cups water

1/4 Cup olive oil

1 packet (2 1/4 tablespoons) instant yeast



2 Large, ripe tomatoes

1 Large, ripe red bell pepper

1 Large onion

1 Bunch parlsey

9 oz Ground lamb or beef

1 Tablespoon Turkish tomato salsa.

1/4 Olive oil


Ground cumin

Ground black pepper

Salt, to taste

Red chili flakes, to taste

Lemon wedges


Combine all the crust ingredients in a bowl to create a dough. Knead dough thoroughly and leave it to rise for at least an hour.

Tear off balls of dough, about enough to fill your hand (palm). On a board dusted with flour, roll out the dough thinly with a rolling pin to form the lahmacun (bread) bases look like pita. Ideally each base should be about 8 inches in diameter and 1/8 inch thick.

Then place tomatoes, red pepper, onion, and parsley in a food processor and blend to reach the consistency of a thin sauce. (around 2 minutes).

Place this mixture in a big bowl with the ground meat, salsa, olive oil, paprika, cumin, pepper, and salt.( Manually mix until all ingredients are integrated)

Pour 2 Tablespoon topping onto each base (bread), spreading evenly.

Place the disks into a oven. Preheat 435 F. (takes taround 5 and 8 minutes (until base is just crisp and topping is ready).

Add chili flakes and lemon juice.

Serve with Tomato Slices and fresh Parsley.


Nutrition Facts

Serving Size1 portion
Sodium560 mg
Total Fat12g
Total Carbohydrates24g

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