Cooking Method: Grill


Jools’ Asian-style salmon

This is a lovely gentle introduction to bolder flavours – my kids absolutely love it. And if you’re just making it for grown-ups, feel free to use mirin or sweet sherry instead of the lime juice.

By Sonia Sultana


Veggie enchiladas

Filled with grilled veg, cumin-fried black beans and fresh coriander, and baked until bubbling and golden, this Mexican classic is super comforting.

By Sonia Sultana


Cracking chicken burrito

This chicken burrito recipe is a Mexican classic and a really tasty way of using up leftover rice, too

By Sonia Sultana

Weeknights - Thai-style Seafood and Rice Vermicelli Salad

Chicken & green mango Thai salad

By Sonia Sultana


Sprouting super salad

By Sonia Sultana


Roast carrot & fennel soup

A sweet and aromatic soup with super-easy flatbreads for dunking

By Sonia Sultana

Chicken yakitory

Chicken Yakitori

Yakitori, grilled chicken, is commonly a Japanese type of skewered chicken. The term "yakitori" can also refer to skewered food in general. Kushiyaki, is a formal term that encompasses both poultry and non-poultry items, skewered and grilled.

By David Calito

potato taco

Potato Tacos

By David Calito

tuna pita

Garden Pita

Pita or pitta is a soft, slightly leavened flatbread baked from wheat flour. It is used in many Mediterranean.

By David Calito

pollo wrap

Chicken Wrap

A wrap is a type of sandwich made with a soft flatbread rolled around a filling. The usual flatbreads are wheat-flour tortillas, lavash, or pita; the filling usually consists of cold sliced meat, poultry

By David Calito

pastrami burger

Pastrami Burger

When in Utah, it's perfectly acceptable to dig in to a burger topped with a quarter pound of thin-sliced pastrami. "Pastrami burgers," which originated at Crown Burgers in Salt Lake City, are slathered with a thousand island-style sauce as well as tomatoes, shaved lettuce, and onions.

By David Calito

falafel giro

Falafel Pita

Portland is known for its delicious vegan food. Falafel pitas in particular are a popular choice, packed to the brim with veggies and hummus.

By David Calito